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Believing by Faculty of law- Mansoura university in developing the legal studies in the shadow of the variables and shifts witnessed by the world and the Arab region and believing in the scientific cooperation that is deemed to be an important means for connecting the people of the Arab World, the faculty is so happy to receive students from all Arab countries to study at the faculty at the stage of undergraduate studies.

Therefore, Faculty of law-Mansoura University grants the following scientific degrees and diplomas:

  • Bachelor of law degree.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in one of the following branches:
  • Private law.
  • Public law.
  • Economic and financial sciences.
  • Islamic law.
  • Comparative law.
  • Criminal law diploma.
  • International law.
  • Judicial studies.
  • Administrative Sciences Diploma.
  • Master's Degree in law.
  • Ph.D in law.
  • Tuition Fees for the stage of Diploma:
    • 1500 $ as an enrollment fee.
    • 4500 $ as an annual fee.
  • Tuition fees for the stage of Master's degree:
    • 1500 $ as an enrollment fee.
    • 4500 $ as an annual fee.
  • Tuition fees for the stage of Ph.D:
    • 1500 $ as an enrollment fee.
    • 4500 $ as an annual fee.
  • Rules of Accepting the international students:
    • As for Non – Egyptian foreign students who have the certificate of secondary education stage from outside (Arab republic of Egypt), their files come from their embassies to directorate general international students directly and whose address is 2 Dhareeh Saad St.- Directorate General of international students- Ministry of Higher Education).

Required Documents for Bachelor Degree:

  • Certificate of secondary education stage.
  • 6 photos.
  • Consent of directorate general of international students.

Required Documents for Postgraduate Degree:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Detailed bachelor degree certificate with the subjects of four years + its equation by supreme council of universities in Cairo.
  • Copy of a valid passport + Copy of the visa + 8 photos.
  • The following documents are added as for the stage of Master's degree.
  • Diploma certificate and its equation by Supreme council of universities.

The following documents are added as for the stage of Ph.D :

  • 2 Certificates of Master's degree and their equation by supreme council of universities and forms prepared by the faculty are filled in. The student has to do what follows before the discussion of the thesis:
    • Publishing a partition of the thesis in a refereed scientific journal.
    • Having a computer course from the faculty.
    • Having a TOEFL Certificate with a score not less than 450 (condition for thesis discussion).
    • Papers are sent with a letter in the name of prof. Dr/Dean of faculty by the cultural attaché of the country to which he belongs in Cairo after their documentation.


Tel: 050/2264453- 050/ 225939 – 050 /2245803.

Fax : 2266879


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