First : Public Department Hall

Which is on the second floor , has the following departments :

  • Public International Law Department
  • Criminal Law Department
  • Public Law Department
  • Economics, Public Finance And Tax Legislation Department
  • There are also a library for the undergraduates for the internal reading and two photo copiers next to the public department hall .

Library’s computer section :

  • In the section, there is a program of the Egyptian library from 1920 to 2010 available on the internet and there is a library of the decisions of the supreme Egyptian courts (Civil , criminal , the supreme constitutional court) in addition to the last edition of (Drafting Actions, Drafting Contracts, International Arbitration, Islamic Fatwa) to satisfy the needs of researchers and staff members as for these CDs .
  • - All the sections of the Arab and foreign books library are on the library’s program for the search by the staff members and the students of the postgraduate studies for the books inside or outside the university within the uniform table of contents of the supreme council of universities. In addition, Courses have been organized to identify the services of the future program..

Digital Library Section :

The electronic library section of the faculty’s library is related to the electronic data bases which include 22 data bases covering all the specialization and equipped with millions of articles in the refereed periodicals in addition to the base of the university dissertations which includes more than one million full text dissertations. Furthermore, Courses are organized on how to deal with the data bases and to facilitate their use.

Second : Private Department Hall

Which is on the third floor at the faculty, has the following departments:

  • Civil law Department
  • Islamic law Department
  • Commercial law Department
  • Private International law Department
  • History of law and it’s Philosophy Department
  • There is a library for the undergraduates for the reading next to the private department hall .

Third : Periodicals Hall Which is on the fourth floor, includes :

  • All the periodicals of all the departments of the faculty found in the libraries.
  • one photocopier
  • a library for the undergraduates for the internal reading next to the Periodicals Hall

How To Borrow Books

  • The library provides its services everyday from 8:30 a.m until the end of the academic day
  • The external borrowing is for 15 days ( and the borrowing is personal )
  • The book of one copy isn't borrowed
  • Te general references and periodicals aren't allowed to be borrowed
  • The internal reading is allowed after giving the faculty's card to the librarian
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