Master’s Degree Stage

The University’s Council has agreed on February 25th 1991 upon the beginning of enrollment in the master’s degree at the faculty of law

Conditions of obtaining the Master’s Degree

  • He has obtained the bachelor degree of law or its equivalent from one of the Egyptian Universities or an equated degree from one of the recognized foreign Universities.
  • He has obtained one of the postgraduate diplomas granted by the faculties of law in the Egyptian Universities or its equivalent.
  • He has carried out for one year at least innovated researches on a topic approved by the council of the postgraduate studies based on the proposal of the faculty’s council.
  • He has presented the results of his researches in a thesis accepted by the judgment committee and it has been discussed in public.
  • The student chooses the subject matters of his dissertation provided that it is connected with the diploma exam successfully passed by him.
  • The student presents the registration of the subject matter of the master’s degree to the Dean of the faculty. Then, it is submitted to the faculty’s council after taking the opinion of the competent department. The decision of the faculty’s council includes the appointment of the advisor of the master’s dissertation in accordance with Article 98 of the executive regulations of the regulation of the Universities law. Under all circumstances, the registration of the master’s dissertation is extinguished after the lapse of 3 years from the date of its registration except when the faculty’s council agrees to maintain the registration for another period it specifies based on the advisor’s report until it takes the opinion of the competent department’s council.
  • The maximum limit of extending the periods of registration for the master’s degree is a similar period of the one provided for in the by laws (3 years) provided that this is applied at the end the original registration period provided for in the faculty’s by laws.
  • The student must print his dissertation in case it is determined to be fit for discussion and 20 copies of the dissertation must be presented to the faculty some of them are distributed to the members of the judgment committee and the remaining ones are kept in the library for the University’s exchanges.
  • It is shown in the certificate of the master’s degree the postgraduate studies diploma the student has obtained in addition to the subject matter of the master’s dissertation he has presented.

The student’s success is announced with one of the following grades:

  • Master’s degree in law.
  • Master’s degree in law with the grade: Good
  • Master’s degree in law with the grade: very Good
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