Center For Information And Legal Services

This Center was established at The Faculty on April 2001.

Objectives of The Center:

  • Providing the Service of holding Conferences, Scientific and cultural Symposiums in distinguished and equipped halls with the modern techniques in the field of showing information , Phonetics and translation.Providing the service of making artistic shows of all types via the Fully equipped theatre including the Cinema projector.
  • Assisting the University in the area of modernizing the administrative wok through Providing training Courses on Computer to the students and employees at the level of the University and ontside it.
  • Providing the Service of search of the internet to the Postgraduate studies students, the Undergraduates and the other researchers.
  • Maintaining and modernizing the halls and equipments in a way that enables them to Continue the Provision of services with which they are charged in the most efficient way and in a way that Suits the new technical developments.
  • Making available the halls and equipments for Serving the University’s Community and the outside environment in a way that achieves the fusion of the University and the Local environment in one system which achieves the goals of the state as for progress.
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عدد الزوار

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