Prof. Dr\abd Elraof Mahdy’s Center for The Studies of Criminal Sciences

This Center was established at The Faculty on January 20th 1994.

Objectives of The Center:

  • Conducting the studies and providing the proposals related to the development of the Criminal laws (substantive and procedural) in the light of the modern Scientific given the other states.
  • Studying the Penal Policy followed inside and outside the penal institutions for executing the penal Sanctions to know how effective they are and for providing the necessary proposal.
  • Studying the prevailing Criminal phenomena or the ones appearing in the Society at early stage to know their Causes, factors and to Propose the best ways of Combating or detracting From them.
  • Conducting studies and providing the Scientific and technical experience requested from the center in the area of international Cooperation the Tran boundary Crimes and international Crimes.
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