License Degree

The bachelor stage study began  at the academic year 1973/1974

Subjects of all years are based on the Faculty Statute

  1. First Year
  2. Second Year 
  3. Third Year 
  4. Fourth Year

Success and failure Grades are as follow :-

First: Success Grades:

90% or higher Excellent
From 80% to less than 90% Very Good
From 65% to less than 80% Good
From 50% to less than 65% Pass

Second: Failure Grades:

Weak From 35% to less than 50%
Very Weak
Less than 35%




The student is considered successful if he/she passes all Subjects or failed in one or two Subjects whether they are in the current academic year or the previous one, and if that happenes, the student must retake the exam in the subject he failed in April in the following academic year, and his/her grade in the retake Subjects will be pass.
The senior students who fail in more than two Subjects, they will retake the exam within two weeks after the beginning of academic year. In case of repeated failure, they will retake the exam with the students who have studied the same subject until they succeed in such subjects.
Note:- The total grade of students in License degree will be on the total grades of the academic four years, as they have been ranked according to the total grade. 

The same regulations and rules are applied upon the affiliated education.



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