Rules of Publication

  1. All researches (except for those of professors) are subject to being scientifically refereed before their publication by at least two referees one them is outside Mansoura University and it is rejected to be published in case the research is refused by the two referees.
  2. The scientific degree of the referee isn't lower than that of the author of the research.
  3. The research must satisfy the sound scientific collection according to scientific fundamentals.
  4. Researches that were previously published in another journals or periodicals may not be published.
  5. Researches that were determined to be published in the journal may only be published in another journals with the permission of the administration of the journal.
  6. The researches are sent to the address of the managing editor of journal of legal and economic researches faculty of law- Mansoura university .
  7. Each researcher must attach a summary of his research of about 150 words in Arabic and English.
  8. Each researcher gets 15 copies of his published research in the issue of the journal.
  9. Researches of doctoral students are published electronically on the home page of the journal in the website of the faculty on the internet.
  10. The originals of researches that are determined not to be published aren't returned to their owners.
  11. The value of publication expenses is as follows:
    1. Inside Egypt 900 Egyptian pounds within the limits of 50 pages for one research and whatever exceeds that its cost is 10 Egyptian pounds a page.
    2. Outside Egypt 300 us dollars within the limits of 50 pages and whatever exceeds that its cost is 3 us dollars a page.

In Cash, postal order or cheque drawn on National Bank of Egypt-Mansoura University Branch in the name of the Dean of Faculty of law- Mansoura University and editor in chief of journal of legal and economic researches.

** The submitted research must have the following specifications: 

  • It is computer written in simplified Arabic font 14 in Arabic and foreign language font 14 in time new Romans as well as headlines in font 16 B.
  • Margins and footers are in the same script line and font 12.
  • Page setup: Top 2.45 cm bottom 6.9 cm.    Left 5.7 cm right 3.17 cm    Header 1.27 cm footer 6 cm
  • Paragraph: space before and after the paragraph 3 cm- line space : multible 1.3 cm.
  • Two computer printed paper copies are attached with the CD of the research.


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