Faculty Objectives

Faculty of Law, Mansoura University, aims at achieving a set of goals:

  • Providing students with principles of knowledge in legal, economic, and political sciences.
  • Developing legal skills for students.
  • Developing the students' abilities towards original and analytical thinking and creative imagination.
  • Preparing scientifically qualified lawyers who are informed with legal activities and skills to be able to contributed in different sectos that the development plans require in our country.
  • Preparing cardes in different legal fields and opening the door for them to obtain the master and doctorate degrees.
  • Applying and spreading the scientific researches to enrich knowledge in the field of legal studies.
  • Giving legal consultations with co-operation with governmental bodies and institutions and non-governmental companies and assemblies inside and outside Dakahlia Governorate.
  • Arranging meetings, conferences, workshops, and seminars to increase the academic contact between the academics and professionals.
  • Developing the scientific level of graduates by arranging organizational courses.
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