Political Economy

It includes the specializations of Political economy , Public Finance and Financial Legislation

Staff members of the department
Prof.Dr \ Rida Abd El Salam Ibrahim Professor  & Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
Prof\ Nasr Galal E. El Bahnasawy Associate Professor 
Dr\ Ibrahim A. Abd El Raof Associate Professor
Dr \ Al Moatasim Bellah M. Mohamed  Lecturer
AL \ Mayada A. Hassan Associate Lecturer
AL\ Aya A. Elsayed Ismail Associate Lecturer
AL\ Mahmoud M. Hamed Salem Associate Lecturer
Demonstrator \ Reem A Ahmed Ali Associate Lecturer
Demonstrator\ Mohamed R. Kamal Eldin Demonstrator
Emeritus And Non Emeritus Staff Members 
Prof.Dr \ Ahmed G. El Din Mossa Emeritus Professor
Prof.Dr \ Ahmed B. Moustafa Beleih Emeritus Professor
Dr \ Abd El Nasser M. Hussein Emeritus Lecturer
Prof.Dr \ El Sayed A. Abd El Khalik Emeritus Professor


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