Criminal Law

It Includes The Specialization Of Penal Code , Criminal Procedure , Criminology and Penology

Staff members of the department
prof.Dr \ Ahmed Lotfi El Sayed Associate Professor
Dr \ Ahmed Farouk Zaher Lecturer

Dr \ Tamer M. Mohamed Saleh

Associate Professor 

Dr \ Ahmed S. Abd El Ghany

Dr \ Akmal Y. El Said Yousif Lecturer
AL\ Noha Z. Attia Swedan Associate Lecturer
AL\ Basma M. Abdel Ghany Shaarawy Associate Lecturer
AL\ Ahmed S. Mabrok Mohamed Associate Lecturer
AL\ Sara E. eldyasdy Samra Associate Lecturer
AL\Akram M. Abd Elmanam Associate Lecturer
AL\ Mohamed E. Mohamed Ahmed Associate Lecturer
Emeritus And Non Emeritus Staff Members
Prof.Dr \ Ahmed Shawky Abo Khatwa Emeritus Professor
Prof.Dr \ Abd Raof Mohamed Mahdy Emeritus Professor
Prof.Dr \ Ghannam M. Ghannam Emeritus Professor



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