Legal Study in a Foreign Language (English or French)

Believing in the need for keeping up with modern developments the Egyptian community and Arab and Global communities experience, as well as meeting the need of the economy, business and legal communities, specially in tent of moving forward to global integration of legal graduates in a foreign language, the Faculty of Law, Mansoura University set programs for legal studies in a foreign language (English / French) through which the student can obtain the license degree in the foreign language according to the annexed program.

Application Requirements:

Midterm Exams:

25% of total marks will be allocated for each subject as midterm marks (that is to be by a written test in each semester).

The study in the department will be according to the annexed chart:

Success and failure Grades are as follow:

90% or higher Excellent
From 80% to less than 90% Very Good
From 65% to less than 80% Good
From 50% to less than 65% Pass




Second: Failure Grades:

Weak From 35% to less than 50%
Very Weak Less than 35%



The Faculty's Senate has the mandate to add a number of subjects or teaching hours of the foreign language without any increase in the numbers of total subjects or hours specified for each department in each semester according to the table found in the second article.

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