First Year


First Semester Hours Second Semester Hours
An Introduction to Legal Sciences 4 arabic

Political Systems & General Constitutional Principles.
Egyptian Constitutional Law

4(E-F )

2 arabic

An Introduction to Anglo-American or Latin Law 2 (E-F)

Islamic Shari'a

4 arabic
History of Legal & Social Systems  4 arabic Criminology and Penology 4(E-F )
Political Economics 4(E-F ) Specialized Foreign Language 4(E-F )
International Organizations 4(E-F )
Total 18 Total 18



Second Year


First Semester Hours Second Semester Hours
Civil Law (Sources of Obligations)

2 arabic

Civil Law (Rules of Obligation)

2 arabic

General Principles of Penal Law
Penal Law (General Department

4 arabic

Administrative Law (Organization and Activity)

Administrative Law (Methods of Administration)


2 arabic

Political Economics 6(E-F )

Public International Law

4(E-F )
Islamic Shari'a 4 arabic History of Egyptian Law 4 arabic
Personal Status for Non Muslims 2 arabic Specialized Foreign Language 4(E-F )
Total 22 Total 22



Fourth Year


First Semester Hours Second Semester Hours
Civil Law 3 arabic Civil Law 3 arabic
Private International Law (Conflict of Law- International Jurisdiction) 4 (F-E) Private International Law (Nationality and Foreigners Center) 2 arabic
Penal Procedures 6 arabic Execution 4 arabic
Maritime and Aviation Law 4 (F-E)
Commercial Law
Bank Operations
4 arabic
2 (F-E)
Administrative Contracts
Public Administration
2 (F-E)
2 (F-E)
Agricultural Environment Law 2 (F-E)
Islamic Shari'a 4 arabic Tax Legislation 4 arabic
Total 25 Total 21



Third Year


First Semester Hours Second Semester Hours
Civil Law (Civil Contracts)
Civil Law
4 (F-E)
2 arabic
Public Finance 4 (F-E)
Penal Law (Special Department) 6 arabic Labour Law
Social Insurances
2 (F-E)
2 arabic

Procedure Law (internal arbitration)

Procedure Law


6 arabic

Criminal Law 6 arabic
Commercial Law (Companies) 4 arabic Constitutional Law
Administrative Law
4 arabic
Total 24 Total 20


Legal Study in a Foreign Language (English or French)

Believing in the need for keeping up with modern developments the Egyptian community and Arab and Global communities experience, as well as meeting the need of the economy, business and legal communities, specially in tent of moving forward to global integration of legal graduates in a foreign language, the Faculty of Law, Mansoura University set programs for legal studies in a foreign language (English / French) through which the student can obtain the license degree in the foreign language according to the annexed program.

Application Requirements:

  • A number of students are annually approved by the Faculty Senate decree based on a suggestion from the supervision committee of the faculty. Those approved students are selected from the students accepted for the first year in the faculty at the same year. Applicant enrolling for acceptance are ranked by their total marks in addition to marks of the foreign language and advanced level, if present, to choose the needed number of students.
  • All new stuedents who have obtained a high school certificate or an equivalent can be accepted at each academic year according to their marks and the nominations which are sent to the faculty by the public administration for new stuedents.
  • Attendance of the study in the department of foreign language is obligatory, the student has to attend classes and seminars. He/she will be deprived from taking the curriculum's exam if his/her attendance percentage is less than 70% of lectures.

Midterm Exams:

25% of total marks will be allocated for each subject as midterm marks (that is to be by a written test in each semester).

The study in the department will be according to the annexed chart:

Success and failure Grades are as follow:

90% or higher Excellent
From 80% to less than 90% Very Good
From 65% to less than 80% Good
From 50% to less than 65% Pass




Second: Failure Grades:

Weak From 35% to less than 50%
Very Weak Less than 35%



The Faculty's Senate has the mandate to add a number of subjects or teaching hours of the foreign language without any increase in the numbers of total subjects or hours specified for each department in each semester according to the table found in the second article.

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